Help for an accessible home

(NC)-If you’re a person with a disability and a low income, this information may be of interest to you. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) provides financial assistance so that low-income people with disabilities can make home modifications to eliminate imminent life safety risks and physical barriers, and improve the ability of occupants to meet the demands of daily living within the home.

Begin with the Persons With Disabilities (PWD) website at and browse through such topics as Home/Housing, Home Repair Modifications, and Housing For Persons With Disabilities. You will see that one of the best programs available to homeowners and landlords with low-income occupants with disabilities is the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities (RRAP-D), offered by CMHC.

What assistance is offered?
Financial assistance is in the form of a forgivable loan. For eligible homeowners (see below), assistance is provided for 100 percent of the total cost of the modifications up to the maximum loan amount for the region. Recipients must agree to continue to own and occupy the home for the term of the loan.p>

For landlords, 100 percent forgiveness is available up to the maximum loan on eligible units (see below). Landlords must agree that the units will continue to be affordable to tenants, and in the case of rental units, new occupancy will be limited to households with incomes at, or below, established income limits. More information and loan examples are posted on the CMHC website,

Who is eligible?

Homeowners may apply if the value of their home is below a specified amount, and if the household income is at or below established limits based on household size.

Landlords may apply for modifications to units if the rents are at or below established levels, and if the units are occupied by tenants with incomes at or below the income ceilings. is a reliable one-stop resource, where persons with disabilities, their family members and caregivers can access a full range of information on disability-related programs and services in Canada.

Topics include housing, health, technology, employment, travel, taxes and financial benefits, and more. This information may also be accessed, alongside other topics of interest, through the primary Government of Canada website at

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