‘High Tech Home’ investigates new gadgets

A look through the ads in today’s newspapers and magazines reveals a sometimes stupefying choice of new products and services that claim they can transform your home life. DVDs, satellite dishes, local area computer networks, 900 MHz telephones are just part of a long and growing list of high-tech toys.

The question that arises for most of us is two fold:

  1. Do I really want (or need) the latest gadget?

  2. If I do buy it, can I get the maximum benefit from it?

American public television may have the answer in a timely television series that will debut this summer. High Tech Home is a new PBS home improvement series that will cover a wide range of topics and projects. These include:

  • Networking home computers,

  • Installing a home theatre in an antique armoire,

  • Editing your own digital home videos.

Understanding is key
Aimed at giving consumers a clear understanding of home technology, the program will include tours of high tech homes, field trips and new product reviews. The home tours showcase and celebrate the use of modern technology in the home.

Homes rangfrom new, desert-style construction in Las Vegas to Victorian renovations in the northwest. Home tours will give viewers an inside a look at how people are using technology to create comfortable living environments and enhance their lives.

"For people who are looking to build or renovate a home to incorporate the latest technology products, our show is the perfect source for information and inspiration," says Kristin Best, the show’s host and producer.

Demystify technology
"We hope to demystify some of the aspects of new technology and bring it down to an easy to understand, easy to use level. Our how-to projects will help give people a good idea of what’s available and what’s coming in the future."

The producers say the weekly, half-hour show will provide practical, how-to information, covering a list of topics that includes:

  • Home networking

  • Desktop and portable computer set-up and options,

  • Wireless technology

  • Home theatre installation,

  • Digital TV versus High Definition TV (HDTV),

  • Surround sound options

  • Internet use and safety.

If the series matches the quality of current PBS home shows, it should be a safe bet for the high tech homebody. Check your local listings for time and start date.