How old is too old?

How old is too old? Should couples be parenting in their 50s, 60s and 70s? Are artificial insemination and adoption good ideas for older, often childless couples or even singles? We’d like to hear your views and experiences.

Meanwhile, for information on international adoptions, contact Adoption Helper, 36 Norwood Rd., Toronto, ON, M4E 2S2, or call (416) 690-9593, or e-mail [email protected]. In addition to a regular newsletter, they also publish a $15 guide to international adoptions.

For information on adoptions from China you could also contact the parent support group at (416) 966-2856 or e-mail, [email protected].

For Grandparents Raising Children or Grandparents Requesting Access and Dignity (GRAND), call Joan Brooks at (416) 469-5471, or write to her at 219 Browning Ave., Toronto, ON, M4K 1X1.

For information on in vitro fertilization (IVF) services, contact the Infertility Network, a volunteer group at (416) 691-3611 or e-mail, [email protected].