Is panic the greatest danger?

Panic is emerging as the single greatest danger from the Millennium Bug, according to a growing number of studies and news reports. While over-reaction can (and will) be dangerous, experts are still counseling a state of quiet readiness as the best way to cruise through Y2K.

At a meeting in Washington last week, the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) said communities treat Y2K as they would a severe storm which would last about seven days in total.

“There is no need to hoard, there is no need to take money out of banks, there is no need to head for the hills,” said Stephen Horn, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee’s government management panel.

As a guideline, the IAEM is recommending that people have on hand enough food and water for a seven-day period. They should have a 30-day supply of medication and should make copies of car, mortgage and credit card payments in case of problems with bank computers. They should also keep their gas tanks full. Good, sound advice, and remember, don’t panic.