Looking for a cash machine?

It’s hard to imagine life without automated banking machines. They’ve been in use in Canada for about 20 years, and have proven themselves to be especially useful for travelers. No more worries about exchange rates, travelers’ cheques, or carrying too much cash.

But one problem remains, especially for those travelers visiting locations off the beaten tourism path: how are you sure that your destination has a bank machine which will accept your card? Bringing along travelers’ cheques for “insurance” just adds another complication to your trip if you’re a dedicated ATM user.

Many banks offer maps of bank machine locations for heavily populated areas, which you can pick up at a local branch before you go. Of course, a faster and easier alternative is available on the Internet, where credit card companies maintain instant ATM locators that are much closer to the spirit of the electronic age. Visit the sites listed below to find the machine closest to your vacation hot spot.