Make your own albums

Those lucky few who have scanners or digital cameras usually love their toys, but after a few months of printing one picture at a time (and cutting and pasting them the old fashioned way to make a collage or album) the thrill wears off. An inexpensive solution may be found in the new Album Builder software, which allows you to make albums and collages on-screen and print them out as one page.

Album Builder lets users quickly build composite pages of digital pictures and accompanying text, that can either be printed or shared via email or other web applications. Album Builder reduces the time associated with properly sizing images for printing, cutting, and cropping pictures. JPEG images can easily be placed on a full page and re-sized or cropped with simple mouse actions. Pictures can be repositioned and re-sized over and over to build a final page for printing. Captioning text can also be easily added and the font, size, color, and other attributes are all easily modified.

Compiled album pages can be saved, printed, or exported as a composite JPEG file. The software automatically handles resolution and pixel details. Users can select different solutions for a complete page when exporting, and the full resolution of the original images are used when printing. MSRP is US$29.95, and a demonstration version and user manual is available from Sound Vision’s web site listed below.