Morocco a natural for golf

The casbah might come to mind first, but Morocco’s many attractions now include the venerable game of golf. The northern African country (a short hop by ferry or hydrofoil from Spain) has a rich history, intricate culture, and a wealth of natural wonders to offer the traveller who likes a voyage of discovery. But for those who need some good old R&R on every vacation (or those who must accompany them) the desert kingdom is also a definite golf hot spot that offers a better climate than any course in Scotland.

Golf is a growing national passion in Morocco, with superb facilities in a setting of varied and magnificent landscapes. Major national as well as international competitions attract golfers from all over the world. The most famous tournament is the Hassan II Trophy, held on the Red Course at the Royal Dar-Es-Salaam Golf Club in Rabat (the fascinating capital), which is classified among the most spectacular golf courses in the world.

Morocco now has 14 courses, with more being added each year. And for the non-golfer, there’s always the eternal snows on the Atlas in Marrakesh, the fragrance of the pines and cedars on the hills around Tangier, the hundred-year-oldaks in the forest at Rabat, the dunes at Agadir…

Whatever your game, Morocco is a fascinating country, well worth a visit by anyone seeking something exotic.