New animation site

In its early days, the Net was seen by a lot of people as simply another media diversion that just wasted even more of our time. Of course, that attitude has been replaced by its emergence as a powerful business, educational, and communications resource that has already changed millions of lives. But there still is fun on the Net, and it may be time to step back and see what it can do to amuse us for just a few minutes.

The latest diversion is animations, the latest and greatest of which can be found at a new free website from the people at Hotwired, the on-line version of Wired magazine. They’ve searched the Net for the best and brightest work, and posted them live on one site.

If you love animation – or just want to see your Web browser do something fun for a change – check out Animation Express every week or two to see the latest clips or revisit some very humourous work.

Users can also learn how to create or improve their animations through easy tutorials, and submit it for posting on the site. Definitely a fun spot on a Net that is sometimes just a little too serious.