New commerce survey

A new survey conducted for Visa by NFO Research has uncovered some interesting facts about Net shoppers, among them the fact that 60 percent of them have actually shopped in their pyjamas. And of course it’s not surprising that a full 80 percent have shopped without their shoes, a question that at second glance seems a bit ill-conceived. Who wears shoes at the keyboard?

But whether it’s at the mall or in your bedroom, some things about shopping never change. Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed said that the most difficult person they shop for is a spouse or partner. The Net may help, though: 65 percent said shopping online makes it easier to find gifts for those picky loved ones.

Of course, convenience is the main reason people shop on the Net, and more than 67 percent of the survey respondents said this was the main reason for their Net shopping. This also explains why close to half said they do their Net browsing (in the old sense of the word) and shopping between 5 p.m. and midnight.

This coming Christmas may prove to be a landmark year for Net shopping, as another survey predicts that a big boost in holiday shopping will push U.S Net sales to more than double lasyear’s total of over $1 billion. And just think: with everyone getting exactly what they want, you won’t have to be downtown with the masses on Boxing Day.