New features with IE5

Microsoft officially launched Internet Explorer 5 (IE5) browser software late last week, to generally favourable reviews. Since beta (or test) versions of the software had been downloaded by more than 2 million users around the world prior to the launch, the new features offered by IE5 were no surprise for many.

The main goal of the new version was to make Internet Explorer easier to use and run more smoothly, and early reviews agree that the software behemoth has achieved that goal in version 5. There are several interesting new features, however, including the ability to listen to Net radio while you surf other sites, see links related to the site you’re currently visiting (as in Netscape) and make the “Hotmail” service your default email client.

Early reviews are generally positive, noting the program’s ease of use and simplified instructions and error messages. Most say that users of Internet Explorer 4 would be well-advised to make the free upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.

The program’s ease of use makes it especially suitable for new web users. Netscape users, however, are advised to stay with what they are using, and wait for Netscape’s next version which isue soon. In the meantime, we can all enjoy the fruits of good old capitalist competition, in a product that is still given away!