New Internet search service

Microsoft has launched MSN Web Search, a new Internet search service that will compete with the likes of Yahoo!, AltaVista, Snap!, HotBot and many others. The new Microsoft search site uses technology from a California company called Inktomi, which has also licensed its technology to various other sites, including Yahoo.

According to Microsoft, what will distinguish its search site is the fact that Inktomi supplies each search site provider with the technology to customize their search results. This should provide Internet users with different results for the same search on different sites.

Microsoft says it will develop its “top user” or advanced features immediately. Eventually, the company plans to add more list-style directories (i.e. “government”) that make the average search faster and much more productive.

The site (listed below) is still in “beta” or test mode, but you can try it right now if you want to compare it to whatever you’re using now. Since effective searching is the key to getting what you want (and need) from the Net, it always pays to keep up on new search developments.