Old time radio lives on

Listen to your favourite shows from long ago.

“Old-Time Radio” is a popular phenomenon in the U.S.

Devotees collect and trade tapes of favourite old radio programs, and keep each other informed as to which radio stations are currently broadcasting the classic radio dramas, comedies and variety shows.

Although few Canadian stations are broadcasting old time radio, the Internet provides Canadians with access to a wealth of old shows. Using RealAudio technology, which delivers audio directly to an Internet connected computer, listeners can tune in to favourite broadcasts at their convenience.

The variety of material available on the Internet is huge: War of the Worlds, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, The Green Hornet, Abbott & Costello, Dragnet, The Frank Sinatra Show, Death Valley Days, and many, many more.

A central web site (listed below) organizes all the audio material available, and provides station listings, old program schedules, a history of radio, articles on sound effects, and order forms to receive cassettes of favourite programs.