Online help for caregivers

Statistics Canada estimates there are almost three million Canadians caring for someone at home. And, for the most part, they aren’t trained caregivers. Rather, they’re everyday people thrust into the role out of necessity. It’s a lonely and daunting task and many of those who undertake it suffer loneliness, deteriorating health or depression. Unfortunately, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of help out there. Recognizing this, Saint Elizabeth Health Care (SECH), a non-profit agency which has been at the frontlines of home care for almost 100 years, has created a website to ease the task of caregiving.

"We want to help address the feelings of anxiety and inadequacy by giving family caregivers good practical information…in a way that makes them feel part of a broader community," says David McFarlance, vice chair of the SECH. The organization has launched a web-based eLibrary to provide home care information and advice over the Internet. Available at, the eLibrary contains a number of resource materials including <A href="″ target=”_new”>Caring for Loved Ones at Home, a self-help guide on how to provide basic home care. Other books and sources will be added in the months ahead.