Microsoft founder Bill Gates has plans to become the biggest charitable donor in history, according to a news report out of London, England. Mr. Gates father told the London Sunday Times that the college dropout will make $100 billion in donations over his lifetime.

Gates’ father, who manages the William H. Gates Foundation, told the paper his son planned to donate his fortune to help rid the planet of diseases such as AIDS and malaria. The charity plans to announce a series of new funding programs over the next three months.

“My son is going to have critics all his life because of his wealth,” Gates senior told the newspaper. “But I’m optimistic now that we have put to rest any criticism on the basis of his not being sufficiently generous. We’ve pretty much drowned that out.”

The Microsoft president’s father said that Mr. Gates and his wife Melinda plan to give away all but about $20 million of their fortune, which will give their two children about $10 million each, before taxes of course. According to recent estimates, the fortune of the world’s richest (ever, by any measure) man crossed the $100 billion mark recently, and shows no sign of abating.

Mr. Gates