Phoneline technology

Those with more than one computer at home can now set up a network that rivals many office installations, at a fraction of the cost and without installing any new wiring in the house. Intel’s AnyPoint Home Network uses your home’s telephone wiring to pass data among PCs in the home. Software included with the network software handles the communications among the PCs and between the PCs and the Internet.

The AnyPoint Home Network uses existing telephone wiring to network PCs in the home. Intel says its consumer research shows that home users don’t want to have to string cables from room to room or drill holes in the walls. Once you’ve installed the AnyPoint Home Network, you can access files and the Internet (with an Internet Service Provider account), print documents and play multi-user games from any connected PC.

Home phoneline networking uses the industry-standard Ethernet protocol, adapted to the home phoneline environment. Since phoneline networking communicates at a different frequency than other communications services within the home, it can coexist with voice calls, fax machines, modems and the new high speed ADSL services.

When you’re using the home networto share files or printers and play multi-user games, you can either make and receive phone calls, or use a modem to dial out to the Internet. For those with multiple home computers and users, this home network is definitely an idea whose time has come. For more information, visit the Intel website below.