Prepare for retirement abroad

The federal government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has just published another of their comprehensive guides for Canadians who travel. This most recent booklet is for trips of a long duration, though, as it’s entitled Retiring Abroad: Seeing the Sunsets.

As the book’s authors note, while the majority of retirees choose to spend the rest of their lives in Canada, a growing number are opting for life in another country, either permanently or for part of each year.

They also note that since Canadians come from all parts of the world, there are few nations that are not potential destinations for retirement. Some of the countries that are Canada’s major sources of immigrants are also popular retirement destinations.

The free booklet offers a wealth of information for those who are even just considering retirement abroad. It covers a number of topics, including immigration, taxation, health care, real estate, and returning to Canada. If you’re planning a long trip abroad, this booklet is definitely for you.

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