Questions about voting?

Canadians go to the polls November 27 to elect a federal government. How you vote is a personal matter. But Elections Canada has made it easier than ever before to find answers to any questions you may have about where or how to vote, or whether you are even eligible.

This non-partisan agency is responsible for the conduct of federal elections and referenda. During the period leading up to the federal general election, the agency expects a very high volume of calls from the general public for information.

“Every aspect of Canada’s electoral system must be completely transparent, and the general public must be able to find answers to their questions quickly and easily,” says Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Chief Electoral Officer of Canada.

Toll free line
Unlike some politicians we know, it looks like the CEO is a man of his word. The government agency is already pretty busy. To respond to the increased volume of calls, Elections Canada has increased the staff assigned to the 1 800 INFO-VOTE telephone information service.

  • The service is open from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (Ottawa time) to give Canadians in all regions of the country access to the rvice throughout the day.

Web site

  • In addition, they have made significant improvements to their web site to increase the amount of information available.

  • You can also get information by calling the Elections Canada office in your electoral district. Local telephone numbers and address are shown on the voter information card now being sent to all electors whose names are on the preliminary voters lists.

  • The government has also sent a general information pamphlet to every household in the country.