Remember high memory prices?

It wasn’t too long ago that the price of adding memory to your PC was prohibitive — $50 per megabyte was the norm for years. Recent advances in chip-making technology and an oversupply of manufacturers have changed all that, and adding mega-memory to your PC is now an easy and inexpensive way to speed things up.

Last week, Kingston Technology, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of memory chips, announced that it is dropping prices on almost 1,500 memory products — by an average of 30%. According to Kingston’s Gary MacDonald, “you can’t afford not to upgrade right now.” As he points out, a system that is low on memory is forced to “swap” between the memory and the hard drive, creating that lovely phenomenon known as “thrashing” that is the bane of anyone who’s ever worked toward a tight deadline.

Studies have shown that upgrading memory can give performance increases ranging from 30% to 65%, depending on how a system is used. If you do choose to add some memory power to your old clunker, be sure and select memory chips that match your current setup. Mismatched chips can work together, but the end result can actually slow your computer down even further. Visit Kingstos “Memory Assessor” at the site below to find out your needs.