Santa answers all letters

Canadian postal elves are once again gearing up to help Santa. They’ll answer and deliver over one million letters that pour into the North Pole from children around the world. This is the 17th year that Canada Post elves are helping Santa respond in 26 different languages, including Braille.

Canada Post gets a lot of criticism, but the Crown corporation always does this one thing right each year. The annual Santa letter writing program teaches children how to express themselves in writing, shows them how to write a letter and correctly address the envelope, including the postal code.

It’s also a lot of fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Last year, over 13,000 dedicated Canada Post employees and retirees volunteered their time to help Santa with his mail.

No return address

What’s Santa’s biggest problem with the Christmas mail? No return address.

“It’s very disappointing when we don’t know where to send Santa’s reply,” said a North Pole spokesman. “Children should ask a grown-up to help ensure that all letters have a return address,” he advised. Letters to Santa should be addressed to:

  • Santa Claus /North Pole/ HOHHO/ Canada.

If you know children who simply can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit, lead them to the Canada Post website. Santa’s Web page is there. They can read and participate in an interactive story and download special pages to use when writing to Santa.