See the old stars come out

Movie buffs who enjoyed seeing the old stars near the end of Monday’s Academy Awards may now be waxing nostalgic for all of the old greats: The Jazz Singer, 42nd Street, Mildred Pierce, the list is long. Sure, you can catch them on late night TV (chopped up to fit time slots) or rent most of them at the video store, but there is nothing like seeing a favorite film up on the big screen, the way it was intended to be seen.

Film-lovers in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are in luck this spring, as Famous Players celebrates the cinematic history of Warner Bros. at selected movie theatres in those cities with classic films in brand-new prints. The week-long Warner Bros. “75th Anniversary Festival of Film Classics” will begin in Toronto at Famous Players’ Hollywood Theatre on Friday, April 17, move to the Loews Theatre in Montreal on April 24, and finish at the Capitol 6 Theatre in Vancouver May 1.

The Festival will offer 33 of the studio’s finest motion pictures–one decade each day. Included are such favorites as Casablanca, the restored version of A Streetcar Named Desire, Rebel Without A Cause, and Days of Wine & Roses.

Viewerwill have the option of purchasing an all-inclusive Festival pass for $75, an all-day ticket which includes five movies from Monday to Thursday and seven movies from Friday to Sunday for $15, or one ticket, subject to availability, to a single movie of their choice for $8.50. Those purchasing a week-long Festival pass also will receive a souvenir admission tag and a limited-edition commemorative poster. Call 1-888-852-2216 after March 27 to order tickets.