Skiing just got easier

The advent of parabolic skis has brought about the most radical revolution in skiing, both in technique and ease. In fact, parabolics are to skiing what automatic transmission was to the automobile. Using them is a revelation.

Many of us are not as strong as we once were, so many of the moves we once favoured are no longer as easy to perform. That’s where parabolics come in. For example, parabolics make carving turns a dream. Forget all the technique for carved turns you learned in the past – now you just set your edges, and you’ll start turning.

Parabolic skis are easily recognizable. They’re wide at the front and back, and slim in the middle.
To an experienced skier, this may seem a little strange. But, if you’re new to the sport, or have not skied in a long while, it’ll take no time to reach intermediate proficiency:

  • Just approach this new way to ski with a positive attitude.
  • Rent a pair of parabolics and take enough lessons until you feel comfortable.

If you’re unwilling to learn a new technique after all these years, keep in mind these new skis will more than likely add years of enjoyment to your favourite sport.&t;p>

Ski packages
Once you have the equipment to make skiing easier, is there anything you can do to make the trip to the slopes easier too? I’m not normally a package deal type of traveller. But for a ski holiday which includes serious travelling, a package deal offers many advantages.

You join your group at the airport or bus terminal, hand over your luggage and skis and don’t see them again until you get to your hotel.

  • Lift tickets are also taken care of
  • There’s a guide to help you make the most of the available skiing
  • A get-to-know-everyone party is usually part of the deal.

You’ll undoubtedly connect with some compatible skiing companions at the party. Skiing  alone is a no-no.

Seniors trips
I have taken many trips to different slopes with SKICAN, one of Canada’s largest and most experienced ski travel operators. The company has run special seniors trips. I’ve enjoyed these in the past and will probably plan some for the coming season.

Most of the resorts hold special events for seniors. All offer special seniors discounts, so make sure you ask about them.

Also, all ski areas also have cross-country skiing facilities.