The caregivers’ credo

* Try to set limits around your caregiving… a process which doesn’t happen

* Realize that you operate on two levels… intellectual and emotional,
and that they don’t always coincide

* Learn to be an advocate for the care-receiver and for yourself

* Remember: Other caregivers are the best source of unconditional support

* Admit when you need help. Don’t be a martyr

* Remember that you are the expert on the person needing care: outsiders
can only offer advice. If you disagree with a suggestion made to you, work with
others to find solutions -after all, caregiving is a two-way street

* Be assertive. Demand answers from everyone… physicians, professionals
and suppliers of products and services

* Ask questions constantly. “I don’t know…” is a legitimate
starting point from which to begin gaining knowledge and finding answers

* Consider that love may be best expressed by what your loved one needs, not
always by what they want

* Try to maintain your own health and lifestyle, friendships and activities