The ultimate Y2K software site

Most guides to Y2K readiness (including this one) have already developed a constant refrain when it comes to checking software: “visit the manufacturer’s website.” But suppose you don’t know if the manufacturer even has a website, never mind where it is. Or, the software you want to check out has changed its name and/or company, and you just don’t know where to look.

Our friends at EDS (the company former U.S. Presidential candidate Ross Perot built and sold) have assembled a very useful website that should go a long way in solving even the stickiest Y2K problems. The site (listed below) offers a huge index of easy-to-find web locations for software manufacturers and their Y2K fixes and notes.

“Vendor 2000” not only provides direct links to the sites with the software patches you need, it also lists telephone numbers and contact names if they’re available. The site has more than 130,000 vendors listed, and is updated daily. Write out a list of all of your software, and pay Vendor 2000 a visit soon.