Time in a bottle

Everyone has a story to tell, and a project based out of Québec wants to gather as many as possible. Time Capsule 2000 is asking Canadians to email their stories, photos or letters. All of the material submitted will be put into a digital archive and preserved on CD-Rom. Then, twenty years from now, it will be opened up by the prime minister of the country at the time! Time Capsule 2000 is run in collaboration with The Government of Canada (Industry Canada, School Net), Quéec Tel, and the municipality of Saint-Elzéar in the Gaspe Peninsula.

So what can you send in? Submissions or testimonies may be made in the form of a picture, sound wave, drawing, letter, song, short story, part of a diary or poem. Project workers are collecting the comments, stories and pieces of heritage of Canadians until February 29, 2000.

Some examples of testimonies are:

  • A photo of ones town, church, school, Girl Guide group or class picture.
  • A poem about life before the millennium
  • A picture of a quilt made by a community group
  • A short autobiography

On July 1, 2000 all testimonies or submissions will be maintained as digital archives and sted in the vault at the Canadian National Archives. Project organizers hope that by the year 2020, the time capsule will be opened by on CD-ROM the then reigning Prime Minister of Canada.

Submissions may be made through the Time Capsule 2000 website at: www.schoolnet.ca/capsule2000 or www.saint-elzear.com