Time to start shopping for gas

While petroleum companies and our governments fiddle, some of Canada’s leading auto makers are taking a positive step toward reducing this country’s appalling rate of air pollution. The auto makers have joined together and announced a new fuel endorsement program. The program is designed to encourage gasoline retailers to sell fuels specially formulated to meet the needs of today’s cars and trucks — and the Canadian environment.

Any gasoline retailer will be able to obtain a license (for $1) to use the Auto Makers’ Choice logo and designation on any pumps which sell fuel that meets strict specifications, including lower sulphur, positive combustion chamber deposit controls, no heavy metal additives, and enhanced driveability characteristics.

“All vehicle manufacturers have made tremendous strides in improving vehicle emission control technology, with emissions from our cars and trucks reduced by up to 99% from uncontrolled levels” said Bobbie Gaunt, president and chief executive officer of Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. “But cleaner cars need cleaner fuels to operate properly and obtain maximum emissions reductions. We hope that Canada’s oil companies will want toork with us to make the necessary cleaner fuel available to help Canadian consumers and our environment.”

The oil companies and automakers have been battling recently over how to reduce emissions. The Auto Makers’ Choice fuel specifications build upon existing Canadian General Standards Board guidelines and the World Wide Fuel Charter, which all auto makers globally have participated in developing and promoting.

In the coming months, look for the Auto Makers’ Choice “happy car” and “happy pump” logo where you fill up. The oil companies may need a little consumer “encouragement” to get on board. If your regular gasoline retailer does not have the Auto Makers’ Choice logo on their pumps, the auto makers are hoping that you’ll ask for it.