Tired of fighting with that VCR?

Are you in the market for a new VCR, computer or stereo system, but afraid that you may buy a product that does your life more harm than good? We’ve all been there: you get the new gizmo home, only to find that you need a degree in engineering or computer science just to turn it on.

Well, help is at hand. Senior Friendly L.L.C. is the world’s first independent research and product certification company to specialize in identifying “easier-to-use” technology-based products for people age 50 and over. Products covered include computers, audio and video products, telecommunications products, home appliances, photographic equipment, and programmable exercise machinery.

According to the folks at Senior Friendly, consumers over age 50 can experience greater difficulty with technology-based products because they didn’t grow up with technology, and hence don’t have an intuitive grasp of its jargon. Of course, there’s also weakened eyesight, loss of strength, etc, etc.

Senior Friendly tests every product against six “friendliness: criteria: packaging, assembly and assembly instructions, operations and operating instructions, and routine maintenance. To find out what’s “Seniorriendly” and what’s not, visit the website listed below.