‘Totally MAD’

Those over 50 may not identify with MAD TV, but they sure can remember the venerable magazine that still publishes to this day, although not from the original offices on MADison Avenue in Manhattan. “What– me worry?” was the rallying cry of a generation that grew up with MAD magazine in the 1950s (and 60s, 70s and 80s, for that matter).

We all remember everybody’s pal Alfred E. Neuman, the red-headed, freckled wise-acre most teens can still identify with. Those of us who cherish our MAD memories may now wish that we’d hung on to some of the old issues, especially now that they might be worth some money as collectibles. But if you didn’t have the teenage foresight to save all the back issues (who knew?) help is at hand in the form of modern technology.

Every issue of MAD Magazine from 1952 to 1998 is now available on a set of CD-ROMs called Totally MAD, from Broderbund for PC-compatibles. The seven-CD-ROM set contains an amazing 564 issues of the magazine, accessed (of course) by a garbage heap icon. There’s also a search engine, animated cartoons and audio, and a video introduction.

For those in their 50s, it’s a nostalgia trip, with all the old features (Spy v Spy, The Lighter Side of…) and biting satire the magazine is still famous for. All the content can be printed out for use on bulletin boards and fridge doors. The collection retails for around $100 (steep, but worth it for the right person) and is available at larger software stores. For information, contact Broderbund toll-free at 1-888 829-3343.