War Amps still an active group

Their role has changed with the times, but the venerable War Amps is still serving Canadians from coast to coast. Unlike many charities, the War Amps contacts its donors — by mail only — twice a year. In January of each year, key tags are mailed across Canada, followed in November with complimentary seasonal address labels the association gives to its donors as a “thank-you” for support. All of the programs offered by The War Amps are made possible by donations to The War Amps Key Tag Service.

War Amps Key Tags are not just for car keys, and can be used to protect any set of keys you have such as house, apartment, office, boat, and cottage keys. When you attach a War Amps Key Tag to your set of keys, it acts as a safeguard. If you lose your keys, chances are they will be returned to you through The War Amps Key Tag Service.

At the time key tags are issued, a confidential nine digit number is registered to your name and address. If you lose your keys, the person who finds them can call The War Amps, using the toll-free number found on the back of the Key Tag. A bonded courier will pick up your keys at the finder’s location and they will be returned to you right away. Orthe finder can drop your keys into any mailbox and The War Amps will return them to you by courier. Either way, The War Amps key return by courier ensures swift delivery of your lost keys.

War Amps E-ZEE ACCESS allows you to contact the charity for information or to make a donation — at no charge. To speak with a representative, call the toll-free number at 1-800-250-3030. If you wish to fax a request or make a credit card donation, the toll-free fax number is 1-800-219-8988.