What’s hot for your home?

Hot colours and practical furniture are in the forecast for home decorating. Each year, the gurus of home fashion get together for industry competitions and pick the best of the best. They throw galas and shows to let the rest of us know which trends to watch.Runway trends reach the walls

  • Lively colour is the recommended canvas for decorating home spaces.  I have seen turquoise, oranges, lime greens and hot pinks. If this makes you think of the sixties and seventies, you are not far off the mark.

This look is back with the same vengeance seen on the fashion runways. But for decorating, the colour and style are toned down. The effect is easy on the eye and very sophisticated.

  • For those who favour the neutral palette, taupes, creams, soft greys and butter yellows are still present.  They’re accented with the new colours. Toss cushions and accessories can pick up these new hues and may be changed easily and economically when you decide you want to update your look.
  • Texture is still a very prominent decorative element.  Look for soft velours and cut velvets, beautiful linen weaves, bboo, wicker, animal prints and exotic wood inlay.

Furniture trends

  • Modular furniture is making a very strong comeback, both in upholstered furniture and case goods.  This is a practical trend, as it offers us much more flexibility when it comes to arranging our rooms.

If you have recently scaled down your living space, or are planning to in the near future, the good news is that furniture is following suit. 

  • The oversized pieces that we have been seeing are being replaced by neater, tailored sofas and chairs that will no longer overpower the rooms they occupy.  It looks like the love affair with the chair-and-a-half is almost over.
  • The trend in home entertainment is still high tech. But again, look for components to be much smaller.  You will see TVs with a new slim profile and unlike the sixties, speakers and other stereo units have become smaller still. These more discreet components release us from the dilemma of where to place huge stereo speakers.

Flexibility and luxury

  • In keeping with the idea that interior spaces need to be flexible as well as beautiful, a surprising number of furniture pieces are now sporting wheels. This is a great idea if you are using your living spaces for multiple purposes and should make vacuuming under the sofa a lot easier.
  • If you are planning a kitchen renovation, sources say dining banquettes are making a comeback. 
  • Designers are also recommending walk-in and compartmentalized refrigerators for those with a budget for luxury appliances.

Furniture as friends
As always, the most important element in decorating is to surround yourself with pieces you love.  It’s good to think of your furnishings as a room full of your best friends.  Whatever you decide to put together, these pieces will all get along, because you love them all for different reasons. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for decorating advice, but make sure the decorator you choose takes the time to find out about you. That means asking what is it you love about your possessions and what do you actually do in the rooms you are decorating.

Colours to look for:


  • Benjamin Moore #1268
  • Para Paint #P274-4 Dreamtime
  • Benjamin Moore # 1312
  • Para Paint #B 163-l Hunting pink


  • Benjamin Moore # 313…
  • Para Paint #B373-1 Sierra gold


  • Benjamin Moore #129
  • Para Paint # B298-1 Bisque


  • GreenBenjamin Moore # 400
  • Para Paints # B546-4  Glade
  • Benjamin Moore # 524
  • Para Paint # B5642 Moss agate


  • Benjamin Moore # 716
  • Para Paint # B807 New zenith blue
  • Benjamin Moore # 815
  • Para Paints # B989-1 Water ski


  • Martha Stewart Hosta green
  • Benjainin Moore #712
  • Para Paint #F 1 199-2 Winter blue


  • Benjamin Moore #1395
  • Para Paint #B 1032-4 Fragrance


  • Benjamin Moore # 1385
  • Para Paint # B 1044-2 Hypnotic


  • CIL #2C7-1 Silver plum
  • Para Paints #B 10 1 1-4 Sprite blue

Jane Peer is a specialist in the home fashions and furniture industries. She works as a freelance set designer and stylist for retail, still photography and video productions in Toronto Ontario.