Who will be Canada’s next Prime Minister?

On Tuesday, November 9, Prime Minister’s Paul Martin’s Liberal minority government fell in a no-confidence vote, a year and five months after it was voted into office. After two televised debates, the gloves are being taken off and things are starting to get nasty as many pundits predicted.

We have set up a special section on 50plus.com so you can vote and comment on current issues as they arise in the campaign. A poll will be open every 2 days and then archived so you can still read the resuts. So make sure you check back often.

Click here to visit Election Central. Win two WestJet tickets simply by correctly predicting the outcome of the election!

Mark Federman of the University of Toronto’s McLuhan Centre believes the parties ignore bloggers at their peril. He says the parties are “ignoring … a large, nominally disaffected constituency who are relatively removed from the broadcast media … in which the current election campaign is primarily being run.” Blogs have become the hottest mode of communication on the Internet. You can find out more about them here and if you know of blogs that other 50plussers may be interest in, we have set up a “recommend a blog” feature.

CARP sent a questionnaire to the leaders of each of the major parties on a variety of key issues of interest to its members. You can find out more here. You can also contact your M.P. directly by email through the new CARP E-VOICE service.