Internet Phone Service: The savings are real

Whether it’s conducting a Google® search, booking travel, or sending an email, the Internet is a must have tool for Canadians.

Now the Internet is even changing the way we use the telephone. Internet phone service makes it easy to stay in touch with family and friends throughout the world while paying less for phone service. With feature rich, flat-rate plans from companies like Vonage Canada, Internet phone service has quickly become a better alternative to traditional home phone service.

Here is some essential information about Internet phone service you need to know:

How does Internet phone service work?
Internet phone service works just like traditional phone service, except your calls travel over the Internet instead of a dedicated phone line. A technology called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP allows you to make and receive telephone calls using a high-speed Internet connection, and your existing home phone. VoIP converts your voice into data so a call can be sent over the Internet. This conversion happens in a small box, about the size of a paperback novel, called a phone adapter. You simply cnect your existing touchtone phone into the adapter, plug the adapter into your high-speed Internet connection and voila – dial tone. If you can plug a phone into a wall jack, you can set up Vonage phone service

What are the benefits of Internet phone service?
1. Save up to 50% on your phone bill
It is not uncommon for family members to live in different cities. This often makes it difficult to stay in touch. With Vonage’s flat rate plans your calling activity is no longer affected by the threat of large phone bills. You can speak to your children and grandchildren for as long as you like. On average Vonage customers save between $400 and $600 a year on their phone bill, depending on their calling patterns. Vonage’s flat-rate plans include features you normally pay extra for with traditional phone service including: voicemail, call answer, call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, three-way calling and more. With plans ranging from your basic $19.99 to unlimited calling in North America for $39.99, Vonage has a plan that will fit your calling needs. Additionally, if you want the ease of use but don’t want to change your number you can transfer your existing phone number to Vonage as well.

2. You can take the phone service with you
If you travel south for the winter or like to stay connected while on vacation you can take your Internet phone service with you. Your phone number lives in the phone adapter, making it easy to travel with your Vonage service. Regardless of your physical location, your friends and more importantly your grandchildren can reach you on your home number with no long distance charges. You simply plug your adapter into any high-speed Internet connection and use it like you would at home. If you choose not to travel with your adapter you can easily keep up with your voicemails by logging on to your online account or by having your voicemails emailed to an existing email account. In addition, you can also have calls forwarded to your cell phone so you never miss a call –even if you are on the golf course or out seeing the sites!

3. Personal management of phone service needs
With Vonage Online Account Management, you’re in complete control of your account you can access your account whenever you like, to review your call activity, view and change your billing information, turn on and off phone features, manage your voicemails, and edit your information. All changes are recorded in real time and only take minutes.

Vonage’s flat-rate service plans make keeping in touch with friends and family easier.
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