Blind dates can be very adventurous – or not

I had a blind date of sorts last week; they are a very adventurous activity. You’ve got to love people and be prepared for most anything to happen, because it often does.

This lady was nice, engaged with life, lively and entertaining…just not my type.

So, as I drove home I examined what "my type" is, and as you might expect, I had many traits and characteristics I’d love to find in one female human. Being 58, my list has changed over the few years, no longer do I desire the party girl, the runway model or the driven doctor/lawyer/CEO. I guess you could say I’ve settled down some.

But then my desires in the physical realm are still the same as they were in my twenties…does that ever change in men? I don’t think so, and realistically, I hope not. I’m a fit man, I ski, I race bicycles, I love to hike in the mountains and snorkel in the sea. So, it would follow that I’m after an active woman who can be a cowgirl, ski bum, endurance cyclist and still want to get dressed to the nines and go to the opera, theater or just a really nice dinner out.

Blind dates are a way for friends of single friends to help outn this endeavor. And God love them, because they do occasionally find someone that fits what you’re after. Unfortunately, more often than not, they don’t.

It’s not their fault, they know both people and see them through loving, friendly and helpful eyes. There is absolutely no way they can see what you feel and desire.

What no one else can see or experience is the true adventure of chemistry. Chemistry is that wonderful energy that bounces back and forth between two people messing with hormones, libido, and our hearts. We have all experienced it, and we know it when we feel it, and we want it again.

Scientists have isolated the areas of the brain that get excited when “chemistry” is introduced; they can see the cranial juices light up sending out signals all over the place. The bummer is most scientists aren’t matchmakers.

If you’re single and looking, don’t turn down a blind date, yes, they can be scary and fun, but the alternative is watching old reruns of Law & Order for the 23rd time while eating potato chips and sharing a beer with your dog.

(Oh, by the way, if you run across any scientific matchmakers specializing in chemistry, let me know.)

Anyway you look at it; it’s fun to ponder.

Keith E. Renninson is a motivational speaker and co-author of the popular parenting tool and illustrated storybook Zooch the Pooch, My Best Friend. Through the 1990’s with much self-examination, academic study, bicycle racing, and mountain climbing, he discovered a renewed zest of life, which included a love of metaphysics, philosophy, humor, and writing and speaking. As Keith says, "Some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue…it’s all in what you make of it." You can read more about Zooch the Pooch or contact Keith to speak at: Keith and his co-author Michael Conrad Kelley speak to teens and adults on "The Seven Simple Steps to a More Fulfilling Life." This course focuses on how to build a successful Life Philosophy that works for each individual.

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