TLC for your digital camera

You’ve taken it down south for the family vacation, ventured up north to the
summer cottage with it and even stuffed it in your pocket for the occasional
birthday party. A family’s digital camera has been through a lot – from
being dropped on the floor to being drowned at the bottom of a messy purse and
buried in sand.

Whether you’ve spent $300 or $3000 on your digital camera, the following maintenance
tips, courtesy of Fujifilm Canada, can help ensure your digital camera is in
good shape for recording life’s precious moments.

• Make a regular habit of cleaning your camera. To clean your camera,
first remove dust particles by using a photographic blower brush or canned air.
Next, lightly wipe the lens and camera body with a soft, dry cloth or lens cleaning
paper. It’s important to never touch the lens with your fingers. If your camera
needs extensive cleaning, have it done professionally. A store that sells a
variety of camera models such as Black’s will often provide this service with

• As the temperature begins to drop, try to keep your camera in a warm
environment. When outdoors during he colder months, be sure to store your camera
in an inside jacket pocket so your body heat can keep it warm. Keeping your
camera warm may prevent condensation. If condensation does occur, open and empty
the battery and memory compartments until they dry out.

• Invest in a good-quality camera carrying case. Look for a sturdy carrying
case that not only protects the camera but includes padded built-in pockets
for all your camera accessories including batteries, lenses and memory cards.

• Avoid leaving your camera in direct sunlight or in extreme heat. Placing
a light-coloured towel or piece of clothing over it will help shade your camera
from the sun.

• Invest in a lens filter such as an ultra-violet (UV) filter to protect
the camera’s lens. Replacing a camera lens can be quite pricey.

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