Autumn Gardening: Perennials and pots for your garden

Containers are the perfect addition to your home décor to keep your
garden colorful throughout the fall and winter seasons. They are a wonderful
welcome accent at your front door and will provide a spark of color on a windowsill during the bleaker winter months.

With the colors of Icicle Pansies available now, you can theme your containers
either for yourself or as a thoughtful, personal gift for a friend or family
member. Whether it’s the black and orange colors for Halloween; the yellow,
rose, rust and orange combination for Thanksgiving; or the red and white colors
for the December holiday, you will have a container of pansies that will give
you much pleasure over the winter months.

For a variety of winter container gardening recipes and a listing of all the
pansy colors available, check Fernlea’s website at, the flower experts.

Plan your perennial power now

Fall is an excellent time to plant perennials as you will give them a full season
of growth and a healthy start to spring enjoyment. The warm soil encourages
root growth, thereis often good rainfall, and there are fewer instances of
disease or pests. Garden centers usually offer a wide variety of perennials
for sale at this time of year, so it’s an inexpensive way to experiment with
a variety of plants you might not have tried previously in your garden.

Pots, too

If you’re living in smaller quarters and garden with containers or just want
some pots for accent on your patio, this too is an excellent time to create
perennial pots to enjoy throughout the year. The key is to plant several ‘backdrops’
such as cedars, heathers, conifers or ivy. Then, leave space to plant some colorful
annuals or bulbs as the seasons change to provide you with that accent of color.
Inside your home, the containers give annuals a chance to take root in the soil
yet not be exposed to too much moisture.

For great tips on perennial care or sample gardens and containers, visit the
flower experts at
There are great recipes too for planting containers that give you a variety
of plants and colors to expand your creativity.