Can satisfying sound and easy operation coexist? Yes—even today.

Celebrated naturalist Henry David Thoreau once took to the woods in order to “Simplify, simplify, simplify!” and escape what little sensory overload existed in 1845.

Today, we’re encouraged to follow Thoreau’s lead, 21st-century style. Downsize our living space. Consolidate our investments. Do more with less. Words to live by, perhaps, but not always easily.

In fact, many inventions designed to streamline our lives are complicated themselves. Consider cell phones, microwaves, washers and dryers, TVs, cameras and a host of other life-enhancing devices. Programmed to the hilt, they’ll solve problems we never knew we had. Simplicity? Some would disagree.

Easy where it matters most

A Wave® system, on the other hand, is a welcome invitation to beautifully designed simplicity. Plug it in, turn it on and enjoy your music with the renowned performance you’d expect from Bose, the most respected name in sound.

Wave® systems come in three distinct models tailored to what you like to listen to and where. The Wave® music system can fill your bedroom, kitchen or den with natural sound—and gently wake you up, too. It features an FM/AM tuner and front-loading CD player that plays standard discs plus home-burned MP3 CDs for all your favorite music. Load up to four discs at once when you add the optional multi-CD changer.

If you want full-size, component stereo sound—without the size and bulk of components—the premium Acoustic Wave® music system ll is ideal for a living room, family room or rec room. Its longer waveguide and new digital electronics deliver clean, lifelike sound at louder volume levels, rivaling the sound of much larger, more complicated stereos. Optional accessories include a 5-CD changer for hours of uninterrupted listening, and a battery-powered travel case for music just about anywhere, indoors or out.

Either system could easily become the primary music system in your home.

And if radio is your sole passion, the Wave® radio ll gives you Wave® music system performance without the CD player.

All three Wave® systems come ready to play right out of the box and can be controlled with a simple, uncluttered remote.

Hidden complexity

A Wave® system’s ease of operation and minimalist appearance mask some very sophisticated technologies on the inside. Something must account for its acclaimed sound, after all. That “something” is the result of a 14-year, $15-million research effort that challenged conventional beliefs about speaker size and sound quality.

Bose calls it acoustic waveguide speaker technology, named for the ribbon of tube winding through all Wave® systems. The acoustic waveguide transforms sound from a small speaker into full, rich sound as it enters the room—without a roomful of equipment. This discovery won its engineers the prestigious “Invention of the Year” award.

History in the making

Bose Corporation was founded in 1964, the result of a quest to develop loudspeakers that more accurately reproduce the sound of live music. This led to the legendary 901® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system and brought international acclaim to a fledgling company.

This dedication to research continues to fuel innovative thinking at Bose. The company directs 100% of its profits back into research and development, resulting in breakthrough technologies in loudspeaker and home theater systems, headphones and automotive sound systems. They’ve even developed a revolutionary automotive suspension system and other surprising technologies.

Today, you can find Bose wherever quality sound is important. In the home and on the road. In prestigious places throughout the world and in our own backyard—from Toronto’s Air Canada Centre to Vancouver’s GM Place. Listen, and hear the difference Bose technology makes.

Simple solutions often necessitate very sophisticated thinking. Perhaps even Thoreau would approve.


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