Wanted: couples married 15+ years

Remember the movie, When Harry met Sally and those charming couples,
sitting on a couch, reminiscing about their wedding day?

The television series Rich Bride Poor Bride is looking for outgoing
couples who have been married for 15+ years, to sit on such a couch and chat
about their wedding day and what made their wedding unique.

Each interview lasts for about 45 minutes. Excerpts from the interview chat
will be inserted throughout the program. All couples approved for taping will
receive a flat fee of $200.

The interviews are being scheduled on weekends for those who have full-time
jobs, beginning May 26, 2007.

If you’re interested in sharing your pearls of wisdom, email the following
to [email protected]

1. Names and ages of you and your partner

2. Wedding date

3. What was your overall wedding budget? (not including honeymoon)

4. Phone contact information

5. Email address

6. A recent couple photo (jpeg format)

7. YOUR WEDDING STORY: In 50 words or less, talk about your wedding and what
made your wedding unique

For more information, go to