What’s in the Stars for 2008?

While 2007 was a time of abundance and growth, 2008 will prove to be somewhat of a challenge as the emphasis will be on conservatism and cutting back.

Spiritually or religion may also play a large role in offering comfort to those who are dealing with health issues or aging parents. Many will be searching for answers about themselves and questioning what’s important in their life.

In essence, the New Year may find many of us getting back to the basics.

2008 Sun Sign Forecast

In the last two years, the Ram’s emphasis was on socializing with others and becoming more creative. Life was finally good and should have brought many opportunities your way, both financially and personally. 2008 brings much the same, except there are a few key things to pay attention to. There is an emphasis on work and your health…so be prepared to look after both. Many responsibilities are coming your way and if you’re deciding to retire….you may change your mind. It’s also possible that you find yourself looking after the health of a parent or relative – so get ready to do your research and plan ahead.

As luck would have it the sun is now shining and any stress that you have experienced in the last three years will now be replaced with much stability and good fortune. You are in a very positive time period and the next two years will bring much success to your personal life. Your finances also have a chance to grow and if you are considering any type of financial planning this is the year to begin investigating your options. If this is not a concern you may be offered the chance to grow your income through new work opportunities.

This is a year of challenge for the Twins and a decision will need to be made to either keep or let go of past circumstances either personally or professionally. Keep in mind that the first two months in 2008 will provide you with all the answers. It’s time to take responsibility and whether you like it or not this is the year that you will make key life decisions. Often Gemini likes to be casual and go with the flow, however, this is a time period of action and change – whether you are ready or not.

Your attitude plays a large role in how you will experience the next twelve months. A situation in your life that deals with a relationship (either personal or business) could keep you very busy. Personal control is very important to you at this time and you definitely want to be your own boss! This is a good year to look at ways of possibly increasing your financial base, starting your own side business or re-entering the work-force. March and April are good times to make any major decisions.

Getting your act together was a prominent theme over the last two years. Depending upon what took place during that time 2008 represents letting go of your past and creating a new future. Anything related to moving, downsizing or relocating could be on the agenda. Paying attention to your health should be on your priority list and it’s best to keep your stress level down. If you are already dealing with a health issue you may need to release some responsibilities in your life in order to move forward.

2008 is your year to think big! Being on the move is on your mind as your drive to succeed is definitely accentuated. You are finally waking up to the fact that the clock is ticking and time is running out. Now is the time to take a good look at your life, your plans and examine what is working and what is not. July and August are the turning point months in 2008 so pay attention to what changes could benefit your life, as well as those around you who bring you the most support.

Go with the flow and keep yourself busy – this is your plan for the next twelve months. Late August and September mark a new beginning where many positive changes will take place. You may want to take a look at your self-image and increase your self-esteem by taking courses or furthering your knowledge on a personal level. It’s guaranteed that others will take notice and want to share in your new outlook in life.

Start enjoying all the positive moments in your life as there will be many. The next couple of years promise to bring much happiness. Past obstacles or any set backs that you have experienced are now being resolved so that you can create long term stability for yourself, both personally and financially. October and November are key months to watch for as the fall of 2008 brings you many opportunities to manifest just about anything that you desire.

Getting your act together is very much the focus as the universe may be throwing a few more challenges your way. If you overspent or made rash financial decisions last year you may find yourself reevaluating your work situation to compensate for the shortfall. Also pay attention to your health as this is not the time period to neglect it. The end of the year brings about a turning point that may prove favourable toward making future plans.

Cautious optimism is the keyword to remember in 2008. Life is good and the temptation may be to overspend and overextend with Jupiter falling in your sign this year. All Cap’s could be feeling a bit more social than usual and love is definitely in the air. Any new relationships or partnerships that begin now should exude excitement and intensity. For those of you who have a significant other try to put your practical side away for the year and be more spontaneous and romantic.

Life is good and all is well for 2008. You can sit back and relax as the next few years represent much stability and peace of mind. It is recommended that you do start to share some of those brilliant talents and ideas that we all know your sign is famous for. Take the initiative and volunteer your time to a worthy cause or teach a class to those who can benefit from your skills. This is your time to shine, reach out and show everyone what the Age of Aquarius is really all about!

The last two years have brought you much challenge and at times the going really did get tough. Depending upon the situation and how you handled it 2008 gives you a second chance as the planets are now shifting in your favour. You may find yourself reevaluating your position in regards to any relationships, whether romantically based or not. It may be time to reflect on what is working or not working in this area and either stay or cut your losses. Best time to take action: March or April.

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