Tips for acing your first trip together

At this time of year, many couples think about taking a relaxing break together only to find that things aren’t as relaxing as they’d hoped.

Here’s how to ensure your first break away as a couple is all plain sailing.

He Thought, She Thought
Many a great break has been ruined by too much thinking and not enough talking. One of the most common causes of holiday disagreements is couples not discussing their vacation objectives before heading off.

“I’ve seen some pretty awkward moments between couples I’ve booked trips for,” says Dana, a travel agent. “Sometimes it seems like the guy wants a totally different style of holiday to what the gal was hoping for,” she says. “In some cases, you’re lucky and can find them a place that offers the best of both worlds, but more often they will need to compromise to some degree on the activities or the accommodation they prefer.”

Make sure your partner is aware of the kind of holiday you’re looking for — it’s the best way to avoid arguments over visiting yet another antique shop or waiting not-so-patiently on the shore for your mate to snag the one that got away.

Money, Money, Money
Couples who view spending and saving differently are also prone to flare-ups during their first break away together. What one person sees as squandering is all in a day’s shopping for the other. Similarly, your idea of a reasonable amount to fork out for accommodation might be seen as over-the-top (or miserly) by your mate.

“Many couples find that their romantic break has been good for their relationship but bad for their bank balance,” says Helen, a financial adviser. “Costs creep up and often we spend more than we think we have, especially on treats and other impulse buys. Keeping track of your spending while on holiday may not be the most romantic thing, but it will save you from the post-holiday come-down once your credit card bill arrives.”

Ensure you discuss your thoughts on what to spend before you pick up the rental car (if there’s one in the budget, that is).

Accept Your Differences
Travelling brings out the best and worst in people. This is especially true when it comes to romantic partners travelling together for the first time. When you’re out of your comfort zone, the personality quirks you tried so hard to conceal from your mate become blindingly obvious.

“Our first holiday together nearly killed me,” says Mel. “My guy was all go, go, go in the city but once we got out of town, it was like someone had pulled the plug on him,” she says. “He was like an old man, pottering around the galleries, taking his time over a long, long, breakfast — it drove me nuts,” she says. “I’d never seen this side of him before and it took time for me to accept him in ‘holiday mode,'” she says.

The moral to this story: when holidaying, be prepared to see your lover in new and unexpected ways that may not be all that endearing.

Don’t Stray too Far
First holidays together offer plenty of potential for clashing with your mate without adding the stress of adventure travel into the mix. Now is probably not the time to be pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone by trekking to remote villages with heaving mosquito populations and unsafe drinking water.


“I would advise going for comfort the first time you go away together,” says Andrew, a seasoned traveller. “Something like camping is not a good move until you really get to know the other person, because not everyone is good at roughing it and it can cause too many stresses,” he says.

Cheap Thrills
When travelling on the cheap, you can make your break feel more luxurious by adding some five-star personal touches of your own.

“My girlfriend loves those little soaps and shampoos you get at big hotels,” says Martin. “We have a cabinet full of them at home and when we go away for the weekend, she packs her little bag with her fancy soaps and stuff, even if we’re just going camping.”

Haven’t got a supply of pilfered hotel toiletries at home? Why not buy a miniature travel set from your favorite brand to take with you on your trip? All the pampering of first class travel without the price tag.

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