What colour are you?

Colors play an important role in our lives. We have favorite colors, colors that look good on us and colors we like to surround ourselves with in our homes. It should come as no surprise, then, that you have a relationship color, too.

Read on and discover where your personality lands you in the relationship palette. This rainbow of write-ups was compiled from research unearthed on decorating motifs, fashion trends, personality profiling and color theory. Still, tongue should be firmly planted in cheek…

Feisty and spunky, you like to be where the action is. Exuberance could be your middle name, but you have a warm, sensual side too. When you walk into a room, people feel your presence without you even having to say, “Let’s get this party started.” When it comes to dating, you jump in with both feet and don’t waste time worrying about what might or might not develop. Your enthusiasm is contagious, your impulsiveness playful. And this approach is mirrored in your sex life too: passion is paramount. An ideal night out involves a packed restaurant or cocktail bar with friends new and old.

You have an independent, sometimes competitive outlook and are easily motivated into action. Interestingly enough, you have a knack for encouraging others to do the same although impatience sometimes gets the better of you despite your forgiving nature. Creative expression is important, but your high level of energy sometimes makes sitting still impossible. “When in doubt: dance!” could be your motto in life, with “Keep things organized” coming in a close second. You believe that the most important thing in any relationship is humor and laughter, and you’d do anything to keep that sense of fun alive.

Cheery and peppy, you are an optimistic person, especially when faced with troubling times. Thoughtfulness and eloquence are qualities that come naturally to you. Your attitude attracts the affections of those around you, and you have a charming ability to persuade people to do things in a certain way — even to the degree of being slightly mischievous and deceitful. Naughty you! Although you admit that jealousy is not a new concept to you, your calm, Zen-like outlook tends to keep things in check. You feel strongly about an element of spontaneity in every relationship; keeping active and rising to challenges are other daily goals. Speaking your mind when the situation calls for it is an obvious mandate. Life’s too short for misinterpretations.

Sinatra crooning “Young at Heart” might as well be your theme song, and you apply this only-as-old-as-you-feel attitude to every aspect of your life. Friends come to you for fresh perspective when they’re going through a tough time in life, and lovers have told you that they were drawn to you for your harmonious, relaxed outlook. While you tend to stand back and observe situations and details before acting, you are quick to help others. Your sexual encounters tend to be light and playful, followed by moments of calm relaxation. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, it would be your tendency to feel insecure or unstable about new, fast-paced environments.

Your favorite place to be might be under a soft blanket in front of the fireplace with a glass of pinot grigio and a plate of ripe, stinky cheese. A perfect date involves long, thoughtful conversations in places that make you feel peaceful, calm and collected. You are a confident person, but someone who feels best when spreading the love around. Your friends are as important to you as your family, all of whom consider you to be loyal and faithful. You consider yourself to have good first instincts about the people you meet, and creativity, imagination and responsibility are qualities you admire in others. Good personal hygiene is a must.

Sophistication isn’t something that’s learned — you either have it, or you don’t. You were clearly born with it. And when it comes to dating, you like to complement that quality with a dose of romance and mystery, even though you’ve found that some people shy away from such affectations. Looking out for Number One guides you through your days, but your confidence has a calming effect on the people around you, perhaps because you are also sensitive and charitable. Pursuing art and music passions is important to you, and you aren’t shy to admit that you consider yourself somewhat spiritual as well.

A simple person you are not. Different circumstances call for different attitudes, as far as you’re concerned — authoritative at times, submissive at others. You like to keep some mystery in a relationship, knowing that sharing all your secrets can lead to early boredom in a partnership. Preferring the urban lifestyle to the rural one, you are drawn to all things sophisticated and luxurious. Friends describe you as protective and comforting yet determined and strong-willed. Your perfect date involves being whisked away on to a mystery destination, but at a place you know you’ll feel comfortable and in control.

What does your car color say about you?
Red: Sexy, speedy, high-energy and dynamic
Orange: Fun loving, talkative, fickle and trendy
Yellow: Sunny disposition, joyful and young at heart
Green: Traditional, trustworthy, well-balanced
Blue: Credible, confident, dependable
Purple: Creative, individualistic, original
Black: Empowered, not easily manipulated, loves elegance, appreciates classics

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