Moving: Here’s your list check it twice


Two months before move
* Call moving companies to get estimates or reserve a truck or van if you are doing the move yourself.

* Check with your insurance provider to determine your exact coverage for items damaged, lost or broken. FYI: most insurance providers only cover items moving to the property line.

* Pitch, purge and giveaway everything you can. Call charities to pick up your donations or find out where the nearest donation center is located.

* Have a garage sale.

One month before move
* Pack. Pack. Pack. Start with the items you don’t use very often.

* Notify the post office of your move and consider having your mail forwarded in case you miss some people on your change of address forms. Go to for information or to sign up for it online.

* Notify utility and service providers including cable, Internet, telephone, cellphone, hydro and gas of the move and arrange connections at your new address.

* Notify credit card companies and your investment adviser of your new address.

* Change the address on your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

* Change your address with clubs and organizations you belong to.

* Send out change of address forms to family and friends.

Two weeks before move
* Pack. Pack. Pack. Leave the things you can’t live without until the day before.

* If you’re moving out of town or across the country, get your family’s medical and dental records and if you have pets, veterinary records.

* If needed, schedule connections at the new address for stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer.

* If you are moving into a condo or apartment, make sure to reserve the elevator.

* Have area rugs sent out for cleaning.

Two days before the move
* Defrost, drain and clean the fridge and freezer.

* If you are changing bank branches or moving out of town, make sure to empty your safe deposit box and close your accounts.

One day before the move
* Assemble a box of essentials for the new place that you can access right away. It should include toilet paper, toothpaste, medications and bedding for your new bedroom. You’ll want to be able to fall into bed that first night and not have to hunt for linens.

The big day
* Take a tour of the house before you leave for the last time. Check the garage, basement, storage areas and backyard to make sure nothing has been left behind.

Once you’ve settled in
* Change your address on your driver’s licence, health card and call Canada Revenue Agency to let them know your new address.

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