Caring for your parents? Ease anxiety and gain peace of mind today.

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For the “Sandwich” generation, those caring for both children and parents, it is essential to maintain balance. Having dependant generations on both sides of your life can cause anxiety. Being aware of the options that are out there that can keep aging parents cared for and living safely in their own homes can help reduce your own level of stress.

The Task at Hand
Seniors may need assistance with everyday duties such as bathing, medication administration, exercise, errands and house cleaning. A Home Care worker is an excellent way to help with routine items and provide companionship; however, full-time care is expensive and may not be an option for your budget or feasible for seniors on a fixed-income.

Retirement facilities are also an option but, they too can be costly and often cause upset to elderly parents. For everyone, including seniors, independence is valuable and the dignity seniors retain by living in their own home is priceless.

So the obvious solution is to just have your parents stay put, right? What about their safety and well-being? You want your parents to be happy but you also want them to have access to help if they need it.

Risks for the Elderly
Living independently can also put the elderly at risk. It is a scary fact that one in three seniors will fall at home each year. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls account for 79% of seniors’ injury-related hospitalizations and the likelihood of dying from a fall increases with age, with almost 20% of deaths relating to a fall.

The majority of these falls are likely to occur in the bathroom or while using the stairs. These are both areas where access to a telephone is often unavailable. Seniors who are unable to get up after a fall may lie on the floor for hours or days until discovered.

Seniors are at a greater risk for:
o Fraud or Theft
o House fires
o Falls
o Emergency Medical situations
o Food safety/Malnutrition
o Depression

The degree of vulnerability depends on a seniors’ health and their age, and risks start to amplify typically at age 75.

Fall Prevention
Moderate exercise, healthy eating and proper medication administering has been shown to reduce the likelihood of a fall in seniors. Additionally, safety aids such as a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is recommended as a method of providing 24-hour access to assistance.

PERS are designed to be worn at all times: on your wrist, around your neck or on a belt clip in and around your house and even in the shower or bath. If help is needed, simply press the button and immediately are connected to an Emergency Response Operator.

The LifeCall Solution
The LifeCall system consists of a two-way voice communicator unit and a waterproof, discrete personal help button.

LifeCall operators receive help signals and will communicate through the two-way voice to the individual. Trained operators will assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate help; be it a neighbor, family member or emergency services.

A PERS system, such as LifeCall, is a good way to balance care for an aging parent. It is an affordable option that ensures any senior capable of living on their own remains independent and safe. At the same time you can rest assured knowing that if needed, help is always available at the press of a button.

Additional features of LifeCall:
• No hidden fees or long term contracts
• Flexible rental or purchase options
      – Rental Pricing: $39.95/month includes equipment & monitoring
      – Purchase Pricing: $279 for equipment, $19.95/month monitoring
• ULC-certified Emergency Response Centre on call 24-hours
• 24-hour Customer Service and Technical Support
• Easy self-install equipment, or installers available on request
• Built in daily, local medication reminders

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LifeCall is a leader in Personal Emergency Response, protecting thousands of Canadians since 1989. Canadian operated with our Emergency Response Centre located in Edmonton, AB, we monitor our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure their safety. LifeCall makes independent living easy.

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To find out how LifeCall can help you or someone you care about live safely and independently, contact us at 1.800.661.5433 or visit us online to order.