World changing ideas

Remember being a kid and dreaming that one day you could change the world?
Maybe you would solve world hunger, discover a new galaxy, cure a deadly disease
or… even find a way to live forever.


Dreamers and schemers alike won’t want to miss this year’s line-up
for ideaCity.

Also known as ‘Canada’s Premiere Meeting of the Minds’, ideaCity
is a eclectic gathering of artists, adventurers, authors, cosmologists, doctors,
designers, entertainers, filmmakers, inventors, magicians, musicians, scientists
and technologists. Each June fifty of the planet’s brightest minds converge
on Toronto to speak to an audience of 497. This year’s conference will
be held from June 18-20.

The planet’s big ideas

Imagine being able to take advantage of tissue-repair strategies that revitalize
the human body and allow for an indefinite lifespan. Or glimpsing what mysteries
lay beyond our universe. Or becoming a professional world champion body-builder
at the ripe-young age of 60.

Presenters at this year’s ideaCity conference will include cutting edge
experts on space, genetics, robotics, the arts (including the art of living
well) as well as aging and longevity.

Interested? Here’s a sneak preview of this year’s meeting of the

Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a Cambridge, UK-based biomedical gerontologist
who is working on tissue-repair strategies that will revitalize the human body
and allow indefinite lifespan.

Margaret Atwood, one of recent history’s most-honoured
authors, joins other renowned female presenters from the areas of arts and entertainment,
science and business.

Pascal Cotte, engineer and founder of Lumiere Technology,
made headlines when his technologies helped to uncover the true colours of the
original Mona Lisa painting.

Bill Friedman, once a workaholic lawyer, stunned his family
by transforming his near-sixty-year-old body into that of a professional body

Betty Krawczyk is a 79-year-old member of the BC Raging Grannies,
a powerful group of grandmotherly social activists who take on a number of issues
including the rights of women, the environment, and the elderly.

David Levy recently published “Love and Sex with Robots”
and specializes in intimate relationships with… yes, artificial partners.

Michael Rae, who is six feet tall and weighs only 115 lbs.,
discusses the link between eating less and living longer. Is calorie reduction
really the key to longevity?

Michael Rose is a noted author and expert on the postponement
of aging. (Certainly, in this case, procrastination is a good thing.)

Richard Satava, a Professor of Surgery at the University
of Washington Medical Center, shows off miracle inventions such as micro-robots
inside the body, virtual autopsy, synthetically grown organs (now in patients),
and controlling robot arms with thoughts.

Jay Shafer is reshaping the way we think about house and
home design. Is less more? Living in his custom-designed one hundred square-foot
home, Jay is a firm believer in the virtues of smaller dwellings.

Dr. Jill Tarter, one of the world’s most prominent leaders
in the field of SETI, gives a glimpse about what lies beyond our planet, galaxy
and universe.


Sound tantalizing? These speakers represent just a few of the many topics that
will be covered at this year’s conference. Stay tuned as provides
more coverage on these groundbreaking ideas on aging, longevity and much more.

For more information on this year’s speakers, as well as the conference schedule,

ideaCity is conceived, produced and presented by Moses Znaimer, CARP’s
Executive Director. Interested in experiencing ideaCity in person? Members of
CARP (Canada’s Association for the Fifty-Plus) receive a discount, but
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