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The growing number of Zoomers in Canada is raising a lot of questions about the influence all we older people will have on the nation and its services.

While it’s true Zoomers may have fewer family supports on which to count because we have fewer sons and daughters on whom to rely as we age, a lot more Zoomers today are so healthy we need less assistance from others to live full, rich lives. But the bottom line is that our numbers are so large, community support for ageing people must increase and become more sophisticated. People 80 and over topped 1 million for the first time between 2001 and 2006 and the reality is most of these people need at least some external support to get the most from each day.

There are more older workers than ever before in the offices, plants and other workplaces across Canada. In Eastern Canada, says StatsCan, one in five working-age people was between the ages of 55 and 64 in 2006. This ratio is climbing. This means even older Zoomers are pulling more than our weight in productivity. On the other hand, it’s obvious we need more young workers to take our places in the very near future. Canadian employers will have to adjust to a high rate of turnover among employees and we Zoomers will have to be very generous in transferring our great knowledge to younger workers.

Zoomers have romantic souls; fortunately soulless statistics show a better balance between the sexes at older ages. The life expectancy for women and men has been narrowing as it lengthens and today stands at 82.5 years for women and 77.7 years for men. This could mean couples will stay intact longer and provide each other with the services needed to remain in their own homes.

Zoomers are having a number of impacts on Canada today and will having a growing influence across society as we add to our numbers.

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