Feng Shui your way to romance

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui states that organizing your home and work environments in certain ways will affect your happiness, health, luck and prosperity.

When it comes to being lucky in love, Feng Shui offers many simple fixes that you can do to your home to bring romance in to your life.

Are you practicing the Feng Shui of singledom?

Terah Kathryn Collins, author of the Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance and founder of the Western School of Feng Shui, says that often when she does a consultation at a single client’s home, the house is set up reflect a one-person only abode and is helping them to stay that way.

The first place to consider when attempting to correct the Feng Shui of your home is the boudoir. Is your bedroom set up to accommodate another person or does it scream out solo abode? Having just one nightstand and a lonely lamp next to the bed or having the bed pushed against the wall so that another person couldn’t get in even if they wanted to, is great Feng Shui… for those who wish to stay single.

If you want to attract another into your life, there needs to be room for them to be in it. “The key is to act as though the partner you are looking for is already here and to live like that,” says Collins.

Any art that emphasizes the solitary life gives your house the wrong kind of energy. “One client of mine had a picture of a woman sitting alone drinking a glass of wine, looking very forlorn. It was blatant Feng Shui in reverse, she was holding what she didn’t want in place,” says Collins.

Men and women, she says, commonly have certain things that they do which are bad Feng Shui for attracting and keeping the opposite sex.

Single women’s bedrooms are often so overly feminine that they scare men away, says Collins. “There will often be way too many pillows on the bed and layers of lovely linens which are scary to men. We want to be able to fall in to a bed without having to remove 20 pillows first, so the spontaneity of romance can occur without all these barriers.”

Conversely, it’s often the sparseness and lack of attention to detail in men’s rooms that is off-putting to women. “Men will have these awful 25 thread-count sheets in a really bad color or they will have this awful bright lighting that does not help a woman feel sexy,” says Collins.

“What we need to do is grow the room up, which for women usually means that they have to put things away and simplify the room, whereas single men will often have to improve the quality,” says Collins.

Turning your luck around

Besides growing the room up by getting rid of all the frou-frou crap that scares men away or investing in a new set of sheets that won’t scratch up your date’s face, Collins advises getting rid of any residual objects or bedding etcetera from a previous relationship.

“You don’t want to continually keep that guy or girl alive in your space. Make sure that there’s not a bunch of memories from a horrible divorce or relationship,” she says. “Everything in your bedroom should have pleasantly nurturing associations.”

Once you’ve cleared the room of anything that supports staying single, Collins advises adding objects into the space that will increase levels of positive romantic energy. You can start by selecting the right kind of artwork.

The kinds of pictures that we place in our bedrooms are very important to the Feng Shui of the room and should reflect what we are looking for, i.e. coupledom. “There should be a part of it that is depicting two animals being together, two trees planted close together, or even two people. You need to find romantic art that you like and really resonates with you,” says Collins.

When putting things into your room, be it books of poetry, candles, flowers or whatever, this should be done in pairs too. Collins advises that both objects in the pair be of similar stature.

“If I put two candles out I wouldn’t want one to be a tiny votive and one to be a huge pillar candle because the symbology there is that one of the partners is much bigger than the other,” says Collins, “when really you are looking for is an equal.”

You don’t need to rush out and buy new things to pair up, play with the things that you already have and see how they might create the energy and symbolism you are looking for. “I’ll often find art that’s stacked in a closet that’s exactly right and the person really likes but often they’ll have something on the wall that’s really holding their singleness in place,” says Collins.

A room for intimacy

Feng Shui is all about creating a harmonious balance between the opposing forces of Yin (which is serenity) and Yang (energy). Our bedrooms are supposed to be all Yin, but unfortunately these days many of us use them as home offices or like just another room in the house, which is really bad Feng Shui not only for romance but for our health in general.

To encourage romance you need to change the focus of your bedroom and make it a haven of serenity and intimacy. “So hide the laundry hamper and take the thigh master and the computer out of the bedroom, because these are icons of action and wakefulness that pull us away from being with our partner,” says Collins.

The bed should be the absolute focal point of the room and if there is other furniture in the room it should also be for quiet activities (such as a reading chair or chaise.)

Collins says that televisions should absolutely not be in our bedrooms but some clients have a really hard time dealing with that. “A television drop-kicks sensuality and serenity out of a room,” she says, “but if you really must keep one in there, hide it in a cabinet or at least throw a scarf over it so it isn’t commanding over your space.”

Collins doesn’t expect clients to just take her word on what will work, which is why she’s willing to cut people a break on the whole TV thing. But she encourages people to play with the Feng Shui of their home and see what happens. You might be surprised at what a little tweaking of your interior does for your love life.

“Feng Shui is all about experimenting and finding out whether what you are doing with your environment is creating the result you want in your life,” she says, “so that we can become masters of our own space instead of our places being masters of us.”

With changes as simple as the ones that she suggests, it can’t hurt to try to change your luck a little, right?

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