Aging with attitude

“Aging is a big drag… you get there and see how you like it!! I’m fighting it every step of the way.” — Caroline, Age 60, Cast Member,

What’s your attitude toward aging? Have you waged war on wrinkles? Banished every last grey hair from sight? Or do you embrace the notion of aging gracefully and naturally?

Or perhaps you find yourself somewhere in between.

“Every woman has a story,” says Catharine Fennell, Executive Producer of Define “Our show provides an online forum where women can share experiences, relate and connect around what can be a very personal and intricate topic — aging!”

Now in its third season, is an award-winning web television show dedicated to women 40+ and their experience of aging. The show, which bills itself as an honest portrayal of women and their attitudes around aging, explores the full range of attitudes toward aging including a ‘naturalist’ mindset all the way through to a pro-cosmetic ‘high esthetic’ mindset.

“ really gets into it, and not just skin deep but all the way in, exploring all of the influences that affect us and the choices we make,” Fennel says. “It’s not always pretty but it’s real.”

What’s your attitude toward aging?

For the show, cast members explore a number of different mindsets when it comes to aging:

The naturalist: “As nature intended us to be.”

Simple is best: “I love my wrinkles.”

Practical maintainer: “I’m glad to have options.”

Upkeep for me: “Aging gracefully isn’t all its cracked up to be.”

High esthetic: “Always put your best face forward.”

The five dynamic and passionate cast members of everyday women — Janette, Nicole, Anne, Caroline and Debra — come from diverse backgrounds and provide insight into the wide range of attitudes of women across the continent.

You’ll see each woman’s individual contemplation on their experience of aging — and then the fireworks when they come together to meet for the first time. This provocative and groundbreaking series covers a range of aging-related topics such as self-esteem, image, choices, vanity and authenticity, influences and societal pressures, regret, breakthroughs and of course, sex—and tells it like it is for women– sometimes funny and often serious.



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