Meet the women behind the stories

Meet the cast of four women (Janette, Anne, Caroline, & Debra) ranging in age from 46-63 years and follow their experiences dealing with turning 40, turning 50 and 60, grappling with cosmetic enhancement options.

Janette Janette, 46

The Naturalist

“When I hear the word ‘naturalist’, my natural and immediate reaction is ‘hippy’.” Janette, 46, goes on to explain that “the hippy esthetic is just as confining as the shellacked esthetic that I grew up around”. “Embracing my own hypocrisy is the most radical thing that I can do at this stage…”

A dedicated mother of 2 children, ages 5 and 8, Janette has been happily committed to her partner, Bill for 18 years. Professionally, Janette is a Psychotherapist that works with at-risk youth (mainly girls) as well as published author. “I do that because I can’t always bear to be a writer.”

She doesn’t see aging as a ‘looks thing’ — but rather as a barometer of time. She admits that she “has lots of regrets about not using my time more wisely … life choices, progress, success…”

Anne Anne, 63

Practical maintainer

“I was recently at the drug store bopping to a song that was playing that took me back to when I was 16 years old. I took my products to the counter to check out and the girl asked hesitantly, “Are you a senior? Today is Senior’s Discount Day”. Jolting me out of my moment I burst out into laughter… couldn’t she see that I was 16?”

A social worker, researcher, mother of 2 adult children and soon to be a grandmother (“Granny Annie”), Anne is coming to terms with aging from all angles. At 63 and single, Anne finds herself dawning a new attitude… a different, less principled mindset then she held in her 40’s or 50’s, and is excited about exploring anti-aging possibilities for herself so she can reflect her inner youth.

Anne shares a philosophy that she identifies with now: “We mock the things we are to become”. With the benefit of hindsight and a pragmatic approach, Anne shares ‘I’m not feeling my spiffiest. I want to be the best I can be”.

Caroline Caroline, 60

Upkeep for me

Aging is a big drag… you get there and see how you like it!! I’m fighting it every step of the way.

With a combination Russian and Aboriginal/ Native background, Caroline is no shrinking violet. Her philosophy in life is that life is not a dress rehearsal and her life’s work and experience reflects that. “I am my own woman. I don’t play a role and you can’t put me in a box.”

At 60, Caroline is a certified Animal Chiropractor (working with everything from dogs to race horses), a new grandmother and lives a full and busy life travelling between Toronto and Parry Sound to work with clients. Bouncing between people and animals and the duality of her lifestyle Caroline uses her boots as a metaphor for her life and esthetic approach… “I really should polish my steel toed boots!”

Caroline lives, breathes and eats the natural way of life, putting the right things in her body to maintain her youthfulness every step of the way. However, with her take charge attitude and dealing with the reality of aging she also sees cosmetic intervention in her future.

Debra Debra, 47

High esthetic

Debra Spring is a 47 year old blonde bombshell and proud of it! Starting out as a Toronto Argos Cheerleader in her 20s, now mother of four children and recognized media personality, Deborah lives life in the public eye.

Putting her best face forward has been a priority for Debra for ‘most’ of her life. “I think it is important to take care with and enjoy the way you look. I am not afraid of what people will think of me. I love putting on a sexy revealing dress for a cocktail party or gala and enjoy the attention it brings.

Hey, I paid for them! I should show them off!”

“I don’t have a problem with some lines on my face. But if I start looking like an accordion, I will. I am proactive about maintaining my appearance. I want who I feel like to reflect back at me in the mirror. Debra is the queen of buying anti- aging products to use at home. “Before I go to bed at night I say to my husband… ‘I have to go anti-age!'”

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