6 ways to create an at-home spa

Why visit your local spa to rid your muscles of everyday aches and pains, and restore vital nutrients to tired skin? Instead, turn your bathroom into a relaxing destination. The best part: you don’t need a degree in interior design to make your dream bathroom a reality. Here’s how to get started:

1. Luxurious linens. Pamper your skin by splurging on high-quality bath towels. Soft and plush linens are perfect for sensitive skin, and fluffy bath mats are a treat for your feet. Select terry cloth for its super-absorbency thanks to its double-sided loops. And choose white, neutral or pastel tones for your linens for a distinctive spa aesthetic.

Sanctuary model2. Safety first. Consider a Premier Care Walk-In Bath your personal spa assistant. Sure, it won’t hold your hand as you step into the steam room. But Premier Care’s Walk-In baths have a door and ultra low step, plus a chair-height contoured seat. Soak away your worry of getting injured in the bathtub, then easily stand up, open the door and step out feeling refreshed. Talk about excellent customer service.

3. Seek therapy. Forget about swanky spa treatments. By investing in a Premier Care Walk-In Bath, you can take advantage of our signature Hydrovescent Therapy system. This system works by filling bath water with soothing air bubbles. Gentler on the skin than water, these air bubbles can alleviate lower back pain by stimulating touch receptors on your skin, elevating blood circulation and releasing tension in your muscles similar to how a therapeutic massage would.

4. Accessorize. Small touches can make a big difference in your bathroom’s look and feel. Display fragrant soaps for a professional touch. And pamper yourself with scented candles and bath oils that not only soothe your skin but are known to posses therapeutic properties.

5. Listen carefully . New Age instrumental compilations aren’t just for spa lounges. Whether your choice of device is a CD player, iPod or back-in-the-day ghetto-blaster, make sure your next bath is accompanied by the sounds of falling rain, Beethoven’s symphonies, or crashing waves. These instrumental lullabies are certain to transport you to a relaxing place.

6. Warm your feet. There’s nothing worse than ending a warm, relaxing bath by standing on cold bathroom tile. These days, there’s no shortage of electric in-floor heating mats to choose from. Easy to find, you can choose from a variety of options, each promising to keep your feet toasty from the moment you step into the shower to the second you get dressed.

Your bathroom should be more than simply a space for bathing. By selecting the right décor, accessories and appliances such as Premier Care’s Walk-In Bath, you can transform the dullest bathroom into a dazzling at-home spa.

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