The Zoomer Report: Moderate drinking and heart risk

We’ve all heard that moderate drinking protects the heart. Now a major French study is challenging that notion. Researchers did find a link between a little imbibing and a lower risk for cardiovascular disease, but they say it’s a coincidence — sort of.

They say downing a glass or two of wine every day or its equivalent may not cause enhanced well being. More likely, it indicates an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

According to the study, people who drink moderately tend to have a higher social status, exercise more, suffer less depression and enjoy superior health overall compared to big boozers and lifetime abstainers. In other words, none of these positive results have anything to do with the drinking.

The study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition is the most recent in a long series that have found lower rates of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular problems in moderate drinkers, as compared to teetotalers and heavy drinkers. But its conclusion is very different — because it’s at odds with the conventional interpretation that moderate drinking is good for the heart.

These researchers are not saying we shouldn’t drink. But they want us to stop using health arguments to justify the consumption of alcohol.

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