Want to beat those winter blues?

Short days, cold weather and the arrival of snow can have many of us feeling like we just want to hibernate. Why not fight the urge by hosting a fun-filled, laughter-infused get-together?

Here are a few tips to help you plan:


A brunch or afternoon gathering works well in the winter months when many would prefer to be home before nightfall. Alternatively, plan an evening event and tell your guests to bring their pajamas. They might relax more knowing they don’t have to head home in the cold and dark of night.

Keep it simple

Don’t forget to enjoy being a guest at your own get-together. Consider pot luck and think about serving food buffet style. It lets people eat to their own tastes and at their own pace.

Include an activity

We all know there’s more to hosting an event than planning the food and drinks. Incorporate a group activity – such as a game – so your gathering is fun and memorable.

Inspire laughter and discussion with About Us™, Boomer+™ Edition. It’s the new must-have game about Canada’s boomers plus those older. Fun, thought provoking and interactive, this new product is ideal for an informal get-together.

The game does come with a warning though:

Likely to induce laughter, storytelling and animated discussions!

Developed from fascinating research into the lives of those born between 1934 and 1964,
About Us, Boomer+ Edition is chock full of intriguing and revealing data.

Players guess answers to questions such as:

◦ What % of the Boomer+ population has gone skinny dipping?

◦ Which Boomer+ gender is most alert from 6 p.m. to midnight?

◦ What colour does the Boomer+ population like to wear the least?

Think you know the answers? You might be surprised at the survey findings!

Easy to play, budget friendly and compact, About Us, Boomer+ Edition can be purchased online and through select retail locations across Canada .

Check out www.aboutusgames.ca and start planning your ‘Beat the Winter Blues’ get-together, today!