The Zoomer Report: Nail Dryers

It’s a small luxury that thousands of women indulge in. Now there’s a warning that manicures can be harmful because the UV dryers used can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Doctors are raising concerns about UV dryers used to cure or dry gel nails, shellacs or lacquers.

They say that like any form of artificial radiation, those nail lights expose us to a known carcinogen.

There are published case reports of young women with no family history of skin and little evidence of sun damage who developed skin cancers on their fingers around their nails after regularly using UV nail dryers.

Lab investigations and clinical studies have also found UV can cause skin cancer.

The companies that make the devices say the dryers emit less radiation than a day spent under office lights, and some dryers emit more UV than others. Still some dermatologists recommend that we just say no to UV nail dryers.

Photo © Tomaz Levstek

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